You Will Be Safe Here, Too

by James Nrml and Friends



Music from the PULP! Project was partially funded by the Spotsylvania Education Foundation, and the Community Foundation fo the Rappahannock River Region.

PULP! is educational project designed by teachers for teachers.
PULP! is designed to:

Engage students with high-interest fiction.

Challenge students with creative and authentic assignments.

Prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century.

It also provides multimedia resources for teachers, including
video, audio, research papers, images, lesson plans,
assignments, and rubrics.

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released September 17, 2013

all instruments played by James Nrml
except on the following songs:
“Savages” Drew Kullman-- vocals (1st half);
Kyle Crosby-- backing vocals;
Larry Hinkle-- rhythm and lead guitar;
Mark Phelan-- bass
“Now You Know” Zoey Rawlins-- vocals
“Under the Rocks” Aaron Spring-- sax, flute
“Gertrude’s Lament” Eric Somdahl-- bass
“Grossman” Larry Hinkle-- lead guitar;
Eric Somdahl-- bass
“Bang Bang Bang” Jeff Covert-- lead guitar
and shakers; Larry Hinkle-- guitar;
Mark Phelan-- bass
“Beta’s Tune” Kent Ippolito-- all instruments
“Salt City” Larry Hinkle-- ukulele, lead
vocals; Brian Barbre-- washboard, suitcase,
bell, backing vocals; John Buck-- bass,
Harry Wilson-- vibes
“Salvation” Kent Ippolito-- pedal steel,
mandolin, banjo, bass, and dobro

All drums recorded by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's, except for the drums on "The Unholy Triumvirate," which were recorded by James Nrml in his basement.

Percussion, guitars, and bass for "Bang Bang Bang," and the guitars and percussion for "Now You Know" recorded by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's.

Everything Kent played on he recorded at his house in Fredericksburg, VA.

All other instruments and vocals recorded by James Nrml in his basement in Spotsylvania, VA.



all rights reserved


James Noll Virginia

James Noll has worked at a sub shop, a yogurt store, a day care, a video store, a day care, a summer camp, a restaurant, a kitchen, a night school, a restaurant, a library, and a high school. Somewhere in there he played drums in punk rock bands, recorded several albums, and wrote dozens of short stories and a handful of novels. ... more

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Track Name: Savages
A tribe of men feeds off the spine
and they fight to live,
they fight to live.
A demon burns through
the summer sky,
and they must know why,
they must know why.
You better not climb to the mountain top.
They’ll chew up your bones and spit you out.
Such a meaningless sacrifice.
From where I stand you’re all just savages,
living on borrowed time.
Caught and bound by red-eyed beasts,
and they must escape

they must escape.
Watch them all fall before the light,
under the gaze of man,
condescending man.

The gods will not smile down on me,
cause we’re just savage
gods will not smile down on me.
I’ll push to the top ‘til you know I’m dead.
Track Name: Now You Know
You think I’m wrong, but you’re not.
You’ll see how bad it gets.
You think you’re right, but you’re not.
You have no right to speak to me that way.

You’re waiting for a cure.
You needn’t wait anymore.

Now you know.
Track Name: Like This?
City bakes beneath the August heat.
Know that knives have more use
than just for cutting meat.
River water floods the empty streets.
Uncover the treasure
in the silt beneath your feet.

It’s just like this,
you clench your fist.
They call you a name,
do it again.
Right left right,
steel for a fight.
If they bring a pipe,
then you bring a knife.
You never thought that your life
would really end up this way.
But nobody here ever gets what they want,
and somebody has to make them all pay.
Ponder every existential feat.
Shake your head in wonder
as your sanity depletes.
Hazy  humid drench the moon in sheets.
Fade into the shadows to hasten your retreat.
Track Name: Under the Rocks
Once they’ve taken your love away,
you have nothing at all.
The hours and the days
just wasting away.
how long well how long
well how long?
Try your best to ignore the pain.
Try to build up a wall.
Her memory will fade,
your life rearrange,
but you will not last very long.
Yeah, that’s the sound of your heart breaking.
Desperate to justify what you know is true,
that all the blame will fall squarely on you.
Yeah, that’s the sound of your heart breaking
Desperate to justify what you know is true.
That’s not acceptable, no?
But it’s the truth.

Full moon glows on the riverbank.
Hot wind rattles alone.
The dead August haze
lulls lazy on graves
in waters whose depths are unknown.

She’s as beautiful as the night.
So exquisitely sewn
Her pale skin is cold,
the night’s growing old
with blood for your sins you’ll atone.
Track Name: Bang Bang Bang
The river’s run is sure and strong;
her banks are cold and wet.
Winds rattle through the tall trees
as the summer pays her debts.
A shiver in the copses.
A shaking in your knees.
An icy breath it whispers.
And an icy breath it pleads.
You better knock on wood.
Bang Bang Bang.
You best keep it together,
and just do your thing.
August’s heat has bled away.
September’s leaves are dead.
Winter chokes the sunlight, and
the air’s as gray as lead.
It’s underneath her bridges
and stirring in her deep.
It’s holed up in her basements,
and wanders through her streets.
Track Name: Grossman
I got a plan I need to execute.
I need some action here tonight.
I got the guns, I got the alcohol,
I need some ladies yeah alright
I’m like a timebomb tickin’ away;
everybody’s running,but I think I’m gonna stay.
I got the attitude, I got the moves, I am the alpha male.

You better run, better run away.

The fires blaze on the horizon.
It paints the clouds with gut-red blood.
And in the streets gather the dozens,
flowing in like a human flood.
Bullets cut through them like a knife
through cottage cheese.
I’ll bust a cap in
bust a cap in all their knees.
I am a god,
I am the golden boy,
the Chosen One.

No more blue skies.
I’m your ally.
All alone with me.
Track Name: Gertrude's Lament
Summer soliders on with sinsister soleil.
Cobblestones cracked and dry.
The body lies there in a great state of decay,
and no one will tell us why.
Autumn’s ashes offer tunnel and escape.
The howls are dinning in my ears.
Smokey chimneys caul the grey skies everyday.
The air is thick with blood and fear.

I will not kill for spite.
But I want to stand and fight!
Don’t worry, my dears
I’ll always be here.
I want to do what’s right

If honor’s measured by the sum of dignity,
my bank account is overdrawn.
I spend my nights thumbing at a rosary,
praying for the light of dawn.
Winter blizzard whites the campus in a sheet
of penetrating permafrost.
Our only hope is to drop everything and flee;
if we don’t, then all is lost.
Track Name: HLPB - Salt City
There’s a party in Salt City tonight.
Invitation can be heard
all round downtown.
Sweet smell of hors d’oeuvres
fills the air.
Before we eat, we’ll dance
with the strangers
to the beat of the drummers
by the fire.
There’s delight for the palie
who can find, the tasty game
that always runs and hides.
There’s a party in Salt City tonight. 
Track Name: Salvation
Well I remember the sun
shining down upon the bay,
sending silvers of light
through the water.
And you know that the sharks
beyond the reef have found a way.
If you’re not careful,
they’ll drag you under.
No one has the right
to try and pick a fight.
We’re peaceful in our way,
through our fanatic haze.
And all these faithful men,
and all their righteousness,
can’t keep the wolves from
howling at our doors.
A murder of soldiers
fought and died outside
the fence.
I heard their guns,
I heard knives singing.
And there’s dogs in the ring,
and bodies in the earth.
Preacher says we’ll go down swinging.

The old man lays up
with his back against
the fence.
His cheeks were sunken—
his mind was twisted.
And I know I’ve no choice,
and he doesn’t stand a chance.
Soon we’ll bleed him on the altar.