Special Doesn't Always Mean Good

by James Noll



released November 20, 2010

Recorded and Mixed by James Noll.
Mastered by Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver's.



all rights reserved


James Noll Virginia

James Noll has worked at a sub shop, a yogurt store, a day care, a video store, a day care, a summer camp, a restaurant, a kitchen, a night school, a restaurant, a library, and a high school. Somewhere in there he played drums in punk rock bands, recorded several albums, and wrote dozens of short stories and a handful of novels. ... more

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Track Name: Apathy
Well you say, “Don’t let the bastards get away.”
And I say, “Why bother? Why bother?”
And you say, “But for their crimes we’ll make them pay.”
And I say, “Tomorrow, tomorrow.”
We’d rather wait and see
And watch pornography
In actuality it’s easy to do nothing.
You’ll find the truth will choke
it lodges in your throat
Along with reason, talent, wisdom, judgment, motivation.

You’re such an asshole.
You make me sick.
You’re such an asshole
and I’m sick of it.

I once thought that patience, logic, sympathy
would overcome the common, the ugly.
But facts show how wrong that thinking proved to be,
as we embrace what’s vile and easy.
Your first mistake was trust.
Why put such faith in us?
We’ll only drag you down and prove you wrong each time.
Try not to think too much,
and bob and duck and punch.
You’ll only end up beaten, bloody, falling, brawling


Maybe someday everything will change?
Maybe someday things will rearrange?
You’re deluded son it’s always been this way.
And always will be
Track Name: Handicap Space
The only road rage I feel is for hemorrhoid cream
Count ‘em off:

Thinning hair
Bad back
Sore feet

And I’m tired, I’m tired of the drive
And bastards who think its okay to tailgate me,

oh yeah

There’s a Honda with the spinners and a spoiler and a woofer in the trunk
That shakes the fillings out of my mouth

Said I try to keep up but they keep going faster
Think I’m all caught up when they set the bar higher

Read a letter to the editor the other day
Pro war, pro life, anti-tax, anti-gay
Then there was the one by the guy who wanted to force everybody to go to church


There’s a woman in a Tahoe pulling into a handicap space
And calmly
breaking into

All I’m asking is for some common sense.
Track Name: "Nice Thinkin', Boss!"
If I were to think just like you
I think I’d lose my mind

Try finding somebody else who cares as much as me
Try finding somebody else who cares at all

You’re like an ape on LSD:
Erect and vaguely human


Rewarded for incompetence
Are we victims or just fools?
Track Name: I Am the Universe
Take my hand and have no fear
Soaring through the atmosphere
Ether tickles ‘twixt my toes.
Rocket through the black cosmos and look around.

I am the one, I am the fire.
I am the one to take you higher.
I am the crusher of the sun.

With one flicker of my finger, I slaughter you.
Scrape the dust of what remains from off my boot.

Volcano erupts with pitch black ash.
Geyser’s gushing, flooding blast.
Windswept glacier’s icy roar.
Thirsty oceans beg for more.

We are the ones, we are the fire.
We are the ones to take you higher.
We are the crushers of the sun


Don’t you wish you were a part of this?
Sealed devotion with your ruby kiss.
And with my rock hard, granite fist,
I make it so.

Track Name: Leilani
Somewhere on a South Pacific island
Sits a young man staring at the surf
His native girlfriend died a death quite violent
A tribal sacrifice made to the earth

Leilani don’t go to the volcano

She was brown her hair was black her eyes were blue
The chief’s daughter, Leilani was her name
She and her young man made a handsome two
‘Till the lava tore ‘em both apart again

Leilani don’t go to the volcano

They were saving for a little hut
She collected sea shells everyday
Every night they’d share a cigarette
But the ancient angry gods, they got in the way

Leilani don’t go to the volcano

Leilani neva gotta hutta terra cotta tile

Still the young man sits upon the beach
He’s staring misty eyed out into space
He’s thinking about his girlfriend
of late deceased
At least her death had purpose
His life is a waste

Leilani don’t go to the volcano
Track Name: The Sweetness
She wanted him more than she could know
But he was just too serious

Where does she go from here?
Nowhere but down.

Well he’s the one, the one who she will call
When she gets lost, or should she fall

Hey girl, what went wrong?
Shoot yourself down before you move it along?

Because she’s fine right now just the way she is,
no time to settle down or start a family

I wanted you more than I could know
But we were just delirious